Our Equipment

Bar Electrode EE010

The electrode can discharge passing materials up to a distance of 20 cm, it is suitable for most applications up to material widths of 150 cm

Antistatic Nozzle EE320

The INDESTEC antistatic nozzle is one of the most effective means of eliminating static while cleaning dost and removing particles lodged in molded parts, jars, bottles, etc. To download and clean electronic cards and equipment. It is also useful for downloading hard-to-reach places

Static Measuring Markers

Verifies if the treatment applied to a material (polyethylene, polypropylene and more) is adequate

Slim Electrode EE009

Due to its size, the Slim electrode allows it to be placed in places where, due to the reduced space, a conventional electrode cannot be placed

Antistatic Blower EE220

The blower generates a cloud of ionized air, which neutralizes the static electricity charges of any flat or three-dimensional object that passes through it at a distance of up to 1.5 meters

Air assisted Electrode EE129

The electrode generates a soft curtain that can discharge material that passes a distance of up to 90 cm

Bar Electrode with holder EE011

The electrode has the same performance as the bar electrode in addition to a rigid aluminium support that gives it greater mechanical resistance for material widths above 150 cm, or where more mechanical resistance is needed

Double Density Air Assisted Electrode EE171

The electrode generates a soft curtain of air that can discharge material that passes up to 90 cm away. This electrode is ideal for high speed applications and film widths up to 10 cm