Bar Electrode EE010
This electrode can discharge materials at a distance of up to 20 cm, making it suitable for most applications with material widths of up to 150 cm
Bar Electrode with Holder EE011
This electrode offers the same performance as the standard bar electrode, enhanced by a rigid aluminum support. This added support provides greater mechanical resistance, making it suitable for material widths above 150 cm or applications requiring extra durability.
Antistatic Blower EE220
This blower produces a cloud of ionized air, effectively neutralizing static electricity charges on flat or three-dimensional objects passing through it at distances of up to 1.5 meters.
Antistatic Nozzle EE320
The INDESTEC antistatic nozzle offers highly effective static elimination while cleaning dust and removing particles from molded parts, jars, bottles, etc. It's ideal for dusting and cleaning electronic cards and equipment, as well as reaching inaccessible areas.
Slim Electrode EE009
Its compact desing enables placement in tight spaces where conventional electrodes may not fit due to limited clearance. The slim design ensures effective static elimination while offering versatility in applications with limited space.
Air Assisted Electrode EE120
This electrode generates a soft curtain of ionized air capable of discharging materials at a distance of up to 90 cm.
Double Density Air Assisted Electrode EE171
This electrode produces a soft curtain of air capable of discharging materials up to 90 cm away. Ideal for high-speed applications and suitable for film widths of up to 10 meters.
Surface Tension Tester Pen
Used to verify the effectiveness of treatments applied to plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polybutylene.
Air gun nozzle
The EE320 Antistatic Air Gun Nozzle is specifically engineered for manual applications.
Electrode with aluminum body EE013F
Designed to neutralize static charges on material surfaces, this electrode is highly effective in eliminating static in continuous processes involving cloth, film, plastic, paper, and other materials. It offers a range of action from 1 to 15 cm.
Measurer 295
This instrument verifies the effectiveness of treatments applied to materials by measuring static levels in your processes. It identifies potential issues with static charge, allowing for better control and improved productivity based on this information. As an INDESTEC patent, it ensures availability of spare parts and calibration services.
PE20 tester
This instrument is used to verify the functionality of INDESTEC antistatic electrodes and power sources
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Improvement in your production processes

Enhanced Production Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Integrating our equipment into industrial processes yields significant benefits:

Increase in product quality

Our daily commitment to advancing new technologies directly influences product quality by enhancing the manufacturing process. Through the elimination of dust attraction and safeguarding against static-induced damage, we ensure material integrity and elevate overall product excellence.

Increased Process Safety

Recognizing the paramount importance of operational safety in industry, our equipment is meticulously designed to eliminate electrostatic discharge from the environment. This proactive approach completely eliminates the risk of accidents, system failures and dangerous conditions during the process, ensuring a safer working environment for all.

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Static Eliminator

INDESTEC Static Eliminator equipment stands as one of the most effective solutions for eliminating static in continuous processes involving:

Cloth, Film, Plastic, Paper, Glass and other materials.

Where contact and friction lead to the accumulation of static charges on surfaces, our equipment intervenes to prevent hazardous conditions and process disruptions from occurring.