Our Benefits




INDESTEC™ STATIC CONTROL EQUIPMENT stands out as one of the most efficient solutions for static elimination in continuous manufacturing processes of textiles, plastics, films, paper, glass, and other materials. These processes, characterized by contact-separation and friction, often lead to the accumulation of static charges on their surfaces.

INDESTEC Static Eliminators offer a range of benefits:

  • Prevention of dust contamination on materials.
  • Facilitation of material handling.
  • Prevention of material jamming or binding on belts and rollers.
  • Enhancement of production efficiency.
  • Ensuring personnel and process safety.

Processes optimized by our solutions include

Film manufacturing, plastic production, electronic component fabrication, packaging processes, printing operations, paper production, textile manufacturing, glass processing And many others.

Technical specifications of the Static Eliminator include

High efficiency, ensuring effective static elimination.

Shockless operation, prioritizing personnel safety.

Large action distance, enabling effective static elimination from a distance.

High-speed electrical discharge capacity, swiftly neutralizing static charges.

Long duration of effectiveness, providing continuous static control.

Maintenance-free design, reducing operational downtime and costs.

Low energy consumption, promoting energy.