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INDESTEC Static Eliminator equipment is the most effective means of eliminating static in processes of: Cloth, Film, Plastic, Paper, Glass and other materials, painting, electronics, printing, packaging and bottling, surgical material, among others.

Where contact/separation and friction cause static charges to build up on its surface, before hazardous conditions and process problems are generated.

Static Eliminator Solutions

-Avoid contamination by dust on the material.

-Facilitates material handling.

-Prevents material from jamming or binding on belts and rollers.

-Increase production.

-Personnel and process safety.

Processes that optimizes

Manufacture of films, plastics, electronic components, packaging and packaging, printing, paper, textiles, glass, among others.

Technical characteristics of the Static Eliminator

-High efficiency Shock less 

-Great action distance.

-High speed electrical discharge capacity.

-Long duration.

-Maintenance free.

-Low energy consumption.