Since 1987, which was our first sale, it has been a long way to become the industry leading company that we are today and we recognize the people who have been part of our history leaving their mark on the company.

That is why we are committed to growing together with our team of collaborators, offering more than a work experience around the world.

At INDESTEC we have projects so that students can put into practice the knowledge they acquire at their university and thus have their first approach to industry and business.

We have an innovation and research center where we work on the development, improvement and design of our products.

From research, production to product delivery, we make sure that quality is our seal of guarantee and thanks to our Network of Suppliers committed to our goal we can achieve it.


That is why we move forward together with our suppliers.

INDESTEC wants to grow the companies that collaborate with ours for the satisfaction of our customers and common growth.